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Guitar <3

For people who love Guitars.

Guitar <3 : Guitar Love
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This community, Guitar <3, is for people who love Guitars, and Bass Guitars.
Anything, everything, as long as it's related to a guitar, you can post about it.
Please keep things on topic, try not to pick fights. Especially no fighting over personal oppinions. This community is for people to have fun and get together, not to argue.

The mods are not guitar experts, far from it. They just love guitars. So if you have a question they can't answer, please remember this.

Mods are, inouku and knives_millions

Please invite all your friends who are interested in guitars. Yes, that means even the anime, manga, Foreign music, Indie music, Big name music, everything. If it relates to guitars, even bass guitars, and you know people who want to talk about it, then please invite them.